ModernEyes Text Notification on iPhone sitting next to Glasses

The Best Technology To Go With The Latest Eyewear Trends

Over the late spring and summer, we’ve made some big decisions on adding some new technology to the office, and we want to share it with you. 

New Phone & Messaging System

In the next few weeks, we will be transitioning to a new phone system that will allow us to call, text, and/or email you for appointment reminders, notify you that glasses and/or contacts are ready to be picked up and more. Even more impressive, is that you’ll be able to text us at the office if you need anything. Please be a little patient with us as we make this transition, but we think it will be more convenient than ever for you to communicate with us.

New EyeWear Technology

We also recently brought in EnChroma to help those with color deficiency (colorblind) see more vibrantly. ModernEyes Eyecare + Eyewear is the ONLY Enchroma dealer in Nebraska, and we are working on an event where you can come out and experience these glasses. If you are too intrigued to wait, give us a call and we will get you in sooner to check them out. We offer both prescription and non-prescription lenses. They can also be put into one of Enchroma’s frames, or just about any frame that fits your style. Additionally, by coming in to the office to evaluate them, we have 6 different lens options depending on the severity and type of color deficiency you have, whereas the website only offers 2 varieties. We now even have a page on our website devoted to helping diagnose colorblindness (and what type), so you can take the test right here. Don’t forget to print off the report and bring it in, it helps us know which type of EnChroma lenses would be most helpful to you. If you do want to check them out, please plan to be at our office for about an hour. The YouTube videos of instant reactions are cool, but EnChroma has informed us that 60% of people will take 20-30 minutes to really start seeing colors and that about 20% of people have that really strong, really emotional reaction to their lenses. With that in mind, we want to make sure you have plenty of time to assess the lenses.

Man riding bicycle wearing EnChroma Sunglasses

New EyeCare Technology, Reducing The Need For Dilation

You’ve asked and we listened! We are now proud owners of the Optos California retinal imaging system. The Optos California allows us to take a wide-field image of the inside of your eye without the use of dilation drops. This software allows us to really get a good look inside the eye and have photo-documentation for year or over changes to the inside of the eye. It is a great tool in monitoring and detecting changes to your health such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, as well as eye health including monitoring for changes to the macula (age-related macular degeneration, etc), optic nerve (glaucoma, brain tumor, pseudotumor cerebri), and retinal holes, tears, detachments, freckles, or tumors. With this imaging, it is possible to reduce the need to dilate the pupils so you can get right back to work or play after your appointment with us.

Optos California with Retinal Images

New Faces

We have also brought on a new team member, Cassidy. Cassidy brings many years of experience in the optical world, including optician and paraoptometric duties. Right now, Cassidy is primarily helping at the front desk, but can also jump in and help with glasses selection, sales, and pickup as well as almost anything to do with contact lenses. Our goal for Cassidy is to spend more time in the exam room with Dr. Reed helping pre-test and scribing to give you the most personal attention possible during your exam here. Be on the lookout for her full bio soon!

See You Soon!

We look forward to showing off all of this new technology to you with your next comprehensive eye exam! And if you'd like to become a patient here at ModernEyes, we'd love to have you! Feel free to schedule an appointment today.