Our Technology

Other Fun Toys For Eye Geeks

Digital Eye Chart

We use a digital visual acuity system (eye chart), which beyond just looking cooler, it allows us a lot of flexibility to change the chart for various situations. We can even put movies on there for kids (or kids at heart I suppose!) to help them focus in the distance.

Specialty Contact Lens Fits

If you require specialty or medically-necessary contact lenses, we've got you covered for that as well! You saw the OCT mentioned above, plus we have several other pieces of equipment that we will use to handle these sometimes more-complicated lens-fits!

Digital Glasses Measurements

The fun techy stuff doesn't stop with the exam. We also have a system in our optical for digitally measuring everything needed for ordering your lenses, allowing for very precise calibration, especially on tricky progressive (no-line) bi-focal lenses! Plus, we have free Keurig coffee brewing and a phone charging station available—who said all of our fun technology had to be eye-related?!

Access Your Health Records

All of your records are stored securely and electronically, reducing our carbon footprint, and we have a convenient online login system should you need access to your information. It also allows for easy tracking of things like the photos we were mentioning earlier.