Construction Update!

Dr. Kristin Reed

A lot has happened at the office since we posted about Pokémon and vision.  If you haven’t read that post, please go check it out.

At the time of our initial post, the only thing to post pictures of was the exterior signage. So I will take you through the various different phases of construction, to give you a "behind the scenes" look, complete with pictures!

Concrete and Plumbing 

First, the walls were drawn out on the floor, along with the paths that some of the plumbing would follow. Some of the concrete was removed, plumbing lines have been run, then concrete was poured back.

Walls Drawn


Then, the framing happened.  It felt like it was over night.  It started as a big empty space with some chalk lines, but then in just a few short days, all of the walls went up! It was cool to be able to walk through the space and see everything in three dimensions instead of just on paper.  We were pretty confident in our construction drawings, but it’s always a little nerve-wrecking. I’m so glad it turned out pretty much as we were expecting and had hoped for.

Framing for Drywall Cloud above the Reception

Small Changes, and then Drywall!

For a few weeks, the changes were less noticeable.  Conduits for electrical, data, and plumbing lines were slowly but surely getting put in their proper places.  The drywall went in recently and much of it has already been painted.  The contractors have also started putting in the drop ceiling in the back part of the office.  If it isn’t obvious from the pictures, the optical area will have more of an industrial style ceiling, with a floating cloud of drywall. The other big progress they have made is installing the tile in the bathrooms.

Drywall Floating Cloud Ceiling
Drop Ceiling Grid in Back Office
Exam Room
Bathroom Tile

Most recently, the built-in cabinets were delivered.  They haven’t been installed just yet, so I don’t have any pictures to share at the moment.  After the cabinets go in, the flooring will start being installed.  It’s amazing how fast it is coming along. 

So When Will It Be Open?

If everything continues to go well, our first official day of business will be on Monday, September 12, 2016! We are working on getting our electronic health records software up and running so we can start booking exams. We will definitely let you know when we can start scheduling, so be sure to follow our progress. We are excited to show it all off!

The Boss
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